April 9, 2017

Lead Generation

Inbound Customer Support

Being the largest global source for offshore telecommunication service, the Philippines has been a viable solution for staffing fluent English language speakers, familiar with Western diction and figures of speech. Filipinos are known for being service-oriented, which results to a higher overall customer satisfaction.
As we’re based in Manila, we can support your inbound calls coming from the UK and Australia. Through VOIP technology, calls are routed and connected to our warm, friendly associates who can handle a range of customer service support.

Types of Inbound Call Support we offer:

  • Responsive Customer Call Service: 24/7 our experienced agents manage all your inbound customer calls
  • Billing Enquiries: with access to your customer database and billing CRM, we handle all customer calls regarding bill enquiries.
  • Sales Calls: we process all customer sales calls ready for the next closing stage

Outbound Customer Support

One other way of reaching your target sales and demographic is through outbound sales. We understand that you need good sales agents who are well researched of the product or service, great communication skills, and have finesse when it comes to closing the sale.
In order to achieve your desired results, we offer a range of support to customise the right campaign needed for each project.

Types of Outbound Call Support we offer:

  • Appointment Setting: we only make contact with desirable companies, garner interest and request to follow up with an appointment with one of your companies sales team
  • Direct Sales: we make direct contact, selling the product or service to the consumer or business on your behalf, then process the lead for your company.
  • Market Research: pulling from your marketing database, we can run a marketing call campaign to capture and record predetermined questions and return with raw data and insightful marketing analysis