April 9, 2017

Database Enrichment

Data Handling

Gathering of information requires long manual hours and resourceful, data handling. That is why many companies opt to recruit outsourcing companies to significantly reduce domestic overheads.
We guarantee that whatever data is entered into the system, it is accurate and correct the first time. We provide this low-cost service for you so that you may save time and focus on the profitable work.

Types of Data Handling Support we offer:

  • Data Entry: involves data to be found and retrieved through online research or collected from outbound phone calls. After, it is recorded and logged in your company’s database
  • Data Processing: after gathering data, we can analyse, interpret, and process the information for you and input it communicatively into a database

List Cleaning and Creation

Upkeeping a customer database is time consuming and especially costly for businesses in the west, however it is vital to stay in touch with your existing customer base.

Types of List Cleaning and Creation Support we offer:

  • List Cleaning: requires accessing your CRM and transferring data into our list management CRM. Using various techniques of web searches and outbound dialling, we ensure your data has been updated and verified – leaving your sales team with a list of customer critical data
  • List creation: we can also assist in building up a targeted customer list. Whether from scratch or expanding on your existing database, we work with you to define the key industries and categories and capture desired fields through combined web based searches and outbound calling verifications