January 8, 2019

Credit Management and Collections Services

Global BPO Solution provides Credit Management and Collection services from our Philippines based operations. Our service focuses on account management outsourcing from as early as one day overdue all the way through to legal recovery. Accounts are managed through aged delinquency buckets to prevent them turning into bad debt.

You can choose to either outsource your collection function from a predefined delinquency age or event to link in with your internal collections team or chose to outsource the entire collections process. We can work with you to develop the most appropriate collections treatment path to maximise collection opportunities and reduce bad debt.

Case management of individual high valued customers, hardship or sensitive cases are services that can be segregated from the standard delinquency buckets. These collection activities are managed through our Tier 2 teams where higher skilled negotiators work with your customers to arrange acceptable payment arrangement terms.

Key to the collections success is to clearly define and measure the success criteria. We work with you on reporting collection effectiveness such as promises taken and promises kept and paid. We leverage our recruitment, onboarding and training to prepare our collection agents and provide ongoing coaching to enhance operating rigor and success to the agreed performance metrics. This provides you access to our experienced collections team that are accountable, appropriately motivated and rewarded based on your success.

Global BPO Solution provides a repayment arrangement service to allow clients to focus on their core business priorities. This service includes the management, follow up and performance reporting on accounts where the client has agreed to repayment terms yet does not have the facilities, systems and resources to perform the ongoing management.