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We partner to deliver against
our clients' service, sales and
marketing requirements.




– Outbound Lead
– Outbound Sales
– Data Cleansing and
– Secretarial Services

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– Outbound Lead
– Outboubd Sales
– Data Cleansing and
– Phone Verification and
   Event Invitation

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Australia, New Zealand, Philippines

– Outbound Lead
– Outbound Sales
– Database Creation
– Secretarial Services
– Campaign
– Outbound Sales

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– Content Creation
– Image Sourcing


Global BPO Solution provides outcome-based services in outbound sales support, lead generation, appointment setting, data cleansing, and social media marketing for our international clients in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the Philippines.

Lead Generation

Sales is at the heart of every business and a key component for a thriving and sustainable company. We partner with you to design and execute successful inbound and outbound sales programs at low cost to maximise your sales performance.

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Database Enrichment

Leveraging high quality and low cost data processing services through international offshore locations. We offer data processing and list creation services with guaranteed quality levels.

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Online Marketing

In an increasingly sophisticated environment, the need for a fully integrated social media and web strategy has never been more critical. Our experienced and professional digital marketing team can deliver a tailored online package at a significantly reduced cost.

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Administrative Support

Leveraging utilising and qualified Philippines based staff to handle all of the back office operation including virtual assistants and appointment setting services.

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Credit Management

Our credit management services aim is to reduce your delinquent debt while maintaining strong professional relationship.

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Inbound Service Support

Delivering superior inbound support via voice or chat to maximise customer experience and efficiency.

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Client Needs Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Data Review
  • Sales Process Review
  • IT Requirements
  • Typically this exercise takes up to one week to complete
  • Phasing - logical sequence ramp activities
  • Cost and contractual arrangement
  • Project ROI
  • Recruitment and Training requirements - proposed support team
  • Confirm KPI's
  • Limited scope - limited risk, proof of concept
  • Selected data
  • PM and set up support
  • Success criteria
  • Typically with a sales project it would take between 1-2 weeks to get up to speed with post training
Set Up
  • RACI / Operating rhythm / Reporting / Quality
  • CRM / Telephony
  • Communications
  • Recruitment / Training / Development
Go Live
  • Full ramp
  • Weekly Review
  • Daily / Weekly reporting

Typically the approach would take from 6-8 weeks from initial analysis to go live


We were established in 2015 and look to provide a niche number of services to clients where we believe there is a good cultural fit and room to grow. Our headquarters are in Fort Bonifacio Global City the media hub of Metro Manila and the Philippines.

Typical benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines include:

Up-to 60% cost savings on labour

Productivity gains of 25%

No hiring and employment issues

We can ramp at speed and are open to short term engagements

Low levels of employee attrition - typically less than 10% per annum
GBPO are looking for long terms partners, to that end it is vital for us to get it right, we like to start with small engagements, get the process right, limit risks and then move forward at speed to offer world class performance that outmatches onshore performance and is sustainable.

The Philippines is the world's number 1 outsourcing destination.
  • Highly educated workforce.
  • Highly engaged, service orientated workforce with strong English language capabilities.
  • 95% of agents are degree educated.
The international management team at Global BPO Solution is made up of UK, Australian and American nationals with over 50 years of international outsourcing and consulting experience across a wide range of industries and countries. This group of experienced professional will bring a wealth of industry and outsourcing knowledge to your operation providing a seamless transition to the integration while providing your business with global best practice.

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